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Kashima & Hori

Taka is one of the children at the Morinomiya Babysitting Club. He is the younger brother of Hayato and the son of Shizuka Kamitani—a science teacher at Morinomiya Academys middle school. Taka is a short boy with spiky dark black hair and a prominent widows peak. He has round almond-shaped eyes and small dark irises, a trait he inherited from his father.

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Read RPG! (Mage! Hori Masayuki x Gunmen! Kashima Yuu) from the story Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun one shots [Insert Reader] by lilmadhatter with 1,030 reads. gekka

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Sakura Chiyo confessa seu amor pelo Nozaki-kun, mas ele a confunde como uma fã! Incapaz de transmitir seus sentimentos, as coisas começam a ficar complicadas quando Nozaki-kun a convida para ir à sua casa, onde ela descobre que ele é um mangaká de mangá shoujo. Sakura então decide ser a assistente de Nozaki-kun, a fim de se aproximar dele.

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Kotarou Kashima is one of the main protagonists and is the younger brother of Ryuuichi. He was said to be voiced by Diana Kaarina in the English dub. Kotarou has short, light-colored hair and a sleepy look on his face. Occasionally, his eyes sparkle whenever hes excited or happy about seeing his brother or something intriguing like hatching chicks. Like the other kids in the daycare, his

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Kashima looked at the cake and nodded in satisfaction, hurriedly finding a napkin and carefully transferring the pastry onto it, then racing to find Hori before lunch ended. After her departure, the other four left behind looked at the remaining 3 pastries on the plate and the one in Mikoshiba’s hand before deciding to share them all.

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