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Artist | [Alvar Aalto 1898-1976 & Otto Korhonen 1884-1935

otto korhonen alvar aalto

The pieces of furniture became key products for Artek, which was founded in 1935. The bent plywood Paimio chair in particular has become an international design icon. On the other hand, the three-legged stool, which is the same age as the sanatorium, was not included in the first phase of the furniture supplied by the Otto Korhonen furniture works.

artek: the making of the patented L-shaped stool 60 by

otto korhonen alvar aalto

Otto Korhonen knew about wood, especially the properties of Finnish birch and was well-versed in manufacturing techniques. Alvar Aalto on the other hand, was determined to find a way to large-scale series production that would provide a beautiful result.

A Stool Makes history - Alvar Aalto Foundation — Google

The leg construction of the Y-leg stool is based on the earlier invention for bending solid wood by Aalto and Otto Korhonen, the L-leg. In the Y-leg, two slender L-legs were chamfered on opposite sides and glued together.

Alvar Aalto, Otto Korhonen | A set of six Aikamme Tuote

After Alvar Aalto’s death in 1976, his office, Alvar Aalto & Co, was in charge of alterations, under the leadership of architect Elissa Aalto from 1976 until 1994; since 1996, design work has been carried out by LPR Architects.

Otto Korhonen | MoMA

Aalto and his friend Otto Korhonen spent a considerable amount of time researching new industrial methods of forming plywood sheets, especially because the birchwood readily found in Finland was not as flexible as the beechwood used by other companies, such as the Austrian manufacturers Thonet-Mundus.

Modernism and the natural world – the designs of Alvar and

Aalto & Korhonen [Alvar Aalto 1898-1976 & Otto Korhonen 1884-1935]: 1 exhibitions from Sep 1984 - Nov 1984, exhibition venues worldwide of artist Aalto & Korhonen [Alvar Aalto 1898-1976 & Otto Korhonen 1884-1935], Exhibition History, Summary of artist-info.com records, Solo/Group Exhibitions, Visualization, Biography, Artist-Portfolio, Artwork Offers, Artwork Requests, …

Images of Otto Korhonen Alvar Aalto

From PIASA, Alvar Aalto, Otto Korhonen, Set of six chairs - Unique piece (1930-1931), Bois lamellé collé

Stool | Aalto, Alvar | V&A Search the Collections

From PIASA, Alvar Aalto, Otto Korhonen, Set of six chairs - Unique piece (1930-1931), Bois lamellé collé

Y-leg - Alvar Aalto Foundation | Alvar Aalto -säätiö

otto korhonen alvar aalto

Otto Korhonen and Alvar Aalto were a collaborative duo of Finnish architectural and furniture designers, best known for their innovative "bent knee" process of shaping wooden furniture. Socially and environmentally responsible, Korhonen and Aaltos designs took the most abundant resource in Finland—solid Birch wood—and manipulated it so that it could be bent into any angle or position.

Alvar Aalto, Otto Korhonen | Set of six chairs - Unique

Honey Humphries with chair/ Otto Korhonen and Alvar Aalto, ca. 1930s/ Courtesy of Oscar Humphries Honey, Sophie, and Oscar Humphries present MINI: Kids Furniture, 1930-1960 MINI: Kids Furniture, 1930–1960 showcases mid-century furniture made by some of the most important architects and designers of the twentieth century, including Jean

Stool | Aalto, Alvar | V&A Search the Collections

Alvar Aalto’s four-legged Stool E60 is the most elemental of furniture pieces, equally suitable as a seat, table, storage unit, or display surface. Projecting a sense of relaxed familiarity, Stool E60 is equally suited to the home, public buildings, and educational facilities. The legs are mounted directly to the underside of the round seat without the need for complicated connecting elements.

Making waves: 80 years of Alvar Aalto’s pioneering wood

otto korhonen alvar aalto

The end of 1920 united the two visionaries of Finnish furniture designing, Otto Korhonen and Alvar Aalto. Aalto participated in two architectural competitions in the 1920s, the designing and planning of Maalaistentalo (Countrymens House) in South West Finland and the Paimio sanatorium, and won them both.

A Classic Alvar Aalto Design for Wellness That Still

otto korhonen alvar aalto

At the end of the 1920s Otto Korhonen started co-operation with architect Alvar Aalto. Aalto had recently got two large projects: Southwestern Agricultural Cooperative Building in Turku and Paimio Sanatorium in Paimio. The sanatorium was the most significant collaborative project between Korhonen and Aalto; Huonekalu- ja Rakennustyötehdas

Otto Korhonen and Alvar Aalto | artnet

From Christies, Alvar Aalto, Otto Korhonen, A set of six Aikamme Tuote (Chair of Our Time) rare and early stackable chairs (circa 1931), Stained birch, …

Alvar Aalto, Otto Korhonen | Set of six chairs - Unique

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